Completion Tracking Questions (Check boxes next to assignments)

This is a feature that must be enabled in your class by your instructor (so you may not see it in all or any of your classes). If you don’t see check-boxes next to activities then you don’t have Completion Tracking available to you in this course.

If you do have Completion Tracking enabled in your course you may see something like this after you’ve done a few assignments:


What do these Check-boxes mean?

These check-boxes indicate that you have or have not completed a task. Checking a box or failing to check a box usually won’t directly affect your grade in the class

There are two different kinds of check boxes that you may see:

Solid Check-boxes

These check-boxes are generally for you to check off an activity as you finish it- maybe read that assigned chapter or having submitted that assignment- you get to track your progress.

completionTracking_selfCheckIf you check off one of these by accident don’t worry- you can un-check it just as easily!

Dashed Check-boxes

Sometimes they will check off automatically as you meet a condition set by your instructor. You can’t personally check these boxes but they will check themselves when you accomplish the set task.


Sometimes they may need as little as for you to click into an assignment. Sometimes they won’t check until you’ve earned a certain grade. 

If you aren’t sure what it takes to get this item to check off ask your instructor for clarification!

What’s this “Course Completion Status” block about?

completionTracking_blockWith course completion you may or may not have this block, this is an optional tool your instructor can enable alongside check-boxes next to assignments.

This block will give you a course-wide idea of your progress through a course.

Clicking on the More details link will bring you to a page where you can look over which activities you’ve marked and which you have not so if you’re wondering why you’ve got 7 of 8 for Activity completion and can’t find that missing 8 on the course page for some reason this page may be of help!

You can click on any assignment link to bring you to that page so you can complete the task.