Working with the Staging Area in Moodle

Your Staging Area is a place for you in Moodle, on request it is created by the Moodle Administrator ( and is a great place to keep copies of courses, personal or shared DEV courses and sandboxes to experiment in.

Getting to & Finding your Staging Area

In a staging area you how more power over your courses than you would elsewhere in Moodle. You can:

Courses made here should still follow course naming conventions and may still be removed if they’re more than 1.25 years old (you can prevent this by modifying your course to update the long and short names of these Moodle courses to reflect their recent or intended duration.)

Should you be unable to find a course that was in your staging area you can ask that an archive of the course be restored.


Staging areas are not created automatically! If you would like a Moodle Course Staging Area you can contact the Moodle Administrator ( and request a Staging Area, please let us know what department or division you belong to.

It may be helpful to save your Staging area as a Favorite/Bookmark in your browser but you have to find it first: course categories in Moodle aren’t searchable at this time but you can find your staging area if you know where to look.