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Are you ready for online learning?

Audience: Prospective (online) students

Learning Objectives:

Are you prepared to take an online class? Find out by answering the questions below, then click the "Collect Resources" button to display your personalized resource list. We encourage you to save or print this information for later review or to share with your CCC advisor.

Do you have the necessary technology tools?

Do you have easy access to a computer?

You'll need access to a reliable computer system (PC or Mac) with a keyboard and a mouse (or other input device), ideally purchased within the last 5 years. The computer's operating system (Windows, MacOS) should have the current security patches installed.

Do you have a reliable internet connection?

You'll need a reliable internet connection which requires an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in your area. Your internet/broadband speed should be greater than 256kbps so you can watch videos, listen to audio, and send/receive large files with ease. Your computer must have either the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Internet browser installed.

Do you need assistive technology (screen reader, captioning services, etc.)?

If you have a documented disability—permanent or temporary, whether physical, mental, or sensory—the Disability Resource Center (DRC) can help you receive reasonable accommodations. These services are designed to support your academic success by creating a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible learning environment. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to receive services or not, you can make an appointment directly with the DRC to find out.

Does online match your lifestyle and learning preferences?

Can you work well independently?

An online course doesn't have the same built-in motivations and social interactions that you're probably used to in a face-to-face course, so you'll want to adopt strategies and tools that help you work independently. It will be up to you to "take charge" and connect with your instructor and peers in new and different ways.

Do you have time in your schedule to study without interruption?

Online courses can allow for greater flexibility in your schedule, but it's important to arrange regular times when you can work without interruption. Careful planning around your other responsibilities—work schedule, childcare, etc.—will be necessary to keep up with your coursework.

Can you work at a computer for extended periods of time?

The multitasking nature of online learning can make it more difficult to focus and finish your assignments. Reading from a computer screen for hours can cause eye fatigue, and sitting for too long can cause neck and back strain. Help yourself stay on task with healthy work habits and avoid injury with an ergonomic workspace.

Is English your second language?

Text-heavy online courses can be even more challenging if English isn't your native language. CCC has many resources to assist you, including the Program for Intensive English, which also serves international students. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are available for students at all skill levels, and our instructors can support you in your personal, educational, family, and work-related goals.

Do you need to brush up on your computer or study skills?

Do you have current computer skills?

Understanding "the basics" of computer operation and file management can save you time and headache. The more experienced you are with your system and your software, the better you'll be able to focus on your learning. You don't need to be a computer expert, but composing, saving, and retrieving your work is fundamental. You should also be comfortable with your e-mail software, since it's how you'll communicate with your instructor, peers, and the rest of the college.

Have you conducted research online using a search engine?

There are many amazing resources online, but you'll want to learn how best to access them and distinguish between helpful and confusing sources of information. The CCC Library has the answers! Be sure to check-out the online chat feature, so you can "Ask A Librarian" while you work.

Are you confident in your study skills and educational goals?

Studying efficiently takes planning and persistence. The CCC First-Year Experience (FYE) can help you gain confidence and get on track toward your educational goals. Designed for students new to the college experience, the one-credit FYE course will help you discover academic resources, perfect your note-taking skills, and create a path for your future employment and/or education.