Restrict Access

Restrict Access is a Moodle plugin that can be applied to Activities and Resources and used to limit access based on group, password, completion tracking, date/time, and more. Working with Restrict Access in Moodle      

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The Quiz Activity

Quizzes are one of the more unusual activities in Moodle and have some added depth of functionality which makes them seem a bit more complicated. They take a while to set up but are often very low maintenance afterwards as Continue reading

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Extending Quiz Times in Moodle

Assignments have specific instructions on how to provide an extension for students. Quizzes can also accommodate extended times, due dates, number of attempts, and unique passwords for students who need it. NOTE: Moodle uses the terminology Quiz to describe all Continue reading

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Question Bank :Preparing Questions for Importation using Aiken/Plain Text

Preparing Quiz Questions for Importation using the Aiken Format While there are different ways you can import questions into Moodle for use in your course, the process outlined here can be viewed as a baseline approach that works when other Continue reading

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Quiz: Special Access for Individual Student(s)

Your initial course quiz settings can be overridden to set special quiz access for individuals or for groups of students. For example, an individual student can be given unlimited time to take an otherwise timed quiz, such as when a Continue reading

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