Manually Enrolling Users into a Course in Moodle

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Manually Enrolling Users into a Course in Moodle (English/Español)

Students who are officially registered for a class will automatically be enrolled in the associated Moodle course. However, occasionally it may be necessary to manually enroll additional students, instructors, or course content viewers.

Scroll to the top of your course page.

Click the Participants option from the secondary navigation.

Click the Enrol users button to open a pop-up window.

Use the Select Users box to Search by CCC email address or user’s full name.

Click on a User’s name, then search for the next name to add multiple users at once with the same role (Student, Teacher, Course Content Viewer, etc.).

NOTE: Can’t find someone? The user may not have a Moodle account yet and needs to log into Moodle ( first.

See multiple people with the same name? Double-check the displayed email address and use the one that matches your official roster.

From the Assign role drop-down menu, select the appropriate role in Moodle.

NOTE: All selected users need to have the same assigned role.

Click the Enrol selected users and cohorts button.