Manually Enrolling Users into a Course in Moodle

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Typically students are automatically enrolled in any Moodle course(s) for which they have registered… but, occasionally, it is necessary to manually enroll a student, instructor or course content viewer.

Once you’ve determined that manually enrolling a user is your best option, here is how to proceed:

Scroll to the top of your course page (if you are not already there).

From the Secondary navigation click the Participants item.

Click the Enroll users button in the upper-right corner of the Participants screen to open a pop-up window

Use the Select Users box to Search by the Clackamas email/username or their name in Moodle

Click on a User’s name to add them to a running list above the search box; you can add multiple users at once to a course

NOTE: Can’t find someone? The user may not have a Moodle profile yet and will need to force-create one by logging directly into Moodle for the first time at

See multiple people with the same name? Double check the displayed email address and use the one in your roster or the account NOT marked with OLD or UNUSED following the last name

From the Assign role drop down menu, select the appropriate role in Moodle

Click the Enrol selected users and cohorts button to apply these enrollment additions

NOTE: Don’t mind the Australian spelling of Enroll/Enrol :-)