Activity Completion Report

This report will show you which activities your students have completed, as well as let you manually toggle the completion status of assigned work for students.

NOTE: The report you access through the Course Completion Status block looks similar to this report, but it will not allow you to manually change the completion status.

These steps require that you have Completion Tracking enabled and applied in your course.

Enter the course.

From the secondary navigation, select the Reports item.

At the bottom of the Reports listed, select the Activity completion item.

Moodle will generate a grid of activity completion statuses, users will be listed along the left side and activities at the top of the grid.

Click on the completion status checkbox you wish to override.

A popup will appear to ensure this is what you intended.

Click the Save changes button to apply your override.

Manually applied activity completion checkboxes will appear much brighter in color to set them apart from the otherwise normal, grey items that have not been modified.

Repeat as desired.

You can return to this page and modify or make additional overrides at any time.