Restrict Access & Completion Tracking: Student Must Earn Passing Grade on Quiz to Move on

These steps require that you have completion tracking enabled in your course.

Ideal for warm-up quizzes and terminology tests, allowing a student to take a test until they pass it and are able to move on can help strengthen skills needed for following activities.

Confirm Quiz Maximum Grade

Enter the Quiz you want to be the “gate keeper”.

Locate the Actions menu (gear icon) click the Edit Quiz link. (this is not the same as Edit Settings.)

Ensure that you have a value set for Maximum grade and note that value for later.

EXAMPLE: I’m going to have this “gate keeper” Quiz be worth up to 32 points.

Unless you changed the grade worth, nothing needs to be saved here.

Setup Quiz Completion

Return to the main/default page of the Quiz.

Locate the Actions menu (gear icon) again and click the Edit Settings link.

NOTE: When using an activity as a “gate keeper” you want to make sure it’s ALWAYS available to your students so they can’t get stuck and unable to move on.

Expand the Timing section ensure that Close the quiz is NOT checked.

Expand the Grade section:

  • set Attempts allowed to Unlimited
  • set your Grading method to Highest grade
  • set your Grade to pass to whatever percent is a passing grade in your class multiplied but that Maximum grade we took note of earlier.

    EXAMPLE: for a quiz worth 32 points, I want students to at least get 75% (32*0.75) so I would set my Grade to pass at 24 points. If you want students to get a perfect score on this quiz before continuing you can set the Grade to pass at the same value as the Maximum grade and would in this example set the Grade to pass to 32 points.

Expand the Activity completion section:

  • set Completion Tracking to Show activity as complete when conditions are met
  • ensure the Require passing grade option is checked.

Make any other changes you may want to make.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save and Return to Course button

Restrict Access to Next Activity

Locate the Activity or section/topic in your course that you want to ONLY be available after a student has passed this quiz.

If Editing is turned on, click the Edit menu and click the Edit Settings link.


Click into the activity or resource and from the Actions menu (gear icon) and  click the Edit settings link.

Scroll down to and expand the Restrict Access section.

Click the Add restriction button.

From the popup list select the Activity completion option- it should be at the top.

Ensure that Access restrictions are set to:

  • Student must match the following
  • Ensure the eye icon is open and set to “Displayed greyed-out if user does not meet this condition – click to hide”
    (that way students can see that there is more to do and what is required to access it.)
  • Select our quiz activity from the drop down list.
  • ensure that the last drop down has must be complete with pass grade selected

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click the Save and return to course button.

With restrict access applied you should see the activity greyed out and a note for students as to what needs to be done first.