Restore a Course Backup into your Staging Area

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These instructions assume you have had a Course Staging Area created for you within our Moodle and that you have a Course Backup File (.MBZ).

Login to Moodle and navigate to your Staging Area.

From the Secondary navigation click the More item.

Select the Restore course option.

NOTE: There may be another More item listed below, it won’t have a restore course option, look up a bit and you should see the one you want there.

Drag and drop your Moodle Course Backup file into the dashed box.
Click the Choose a file… button and select the Moodle Course Backup file you wish to restore.

NOTE: If you recently downloaded a Moodle .MBZ file you can likley find it in your Downloads folder on your computer.

Wait for the file to finish uploading before continuing.

Click the Restore button when the progress bar is replaced by an underlined filename.

If you’re not sure what’s in the Moodle Course Backup file then the 1. Confirm step page will be your chance to preview some details and go back to try a different file if needed.

Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Click the Continue button.

Confirm your 2. Destination by checking the radio button to the left of your Staging Area.

Click the associated Continue button directly below that form.

NOTE: You will probably only have a single option here, this is normal!

Some course backups will include student/grade data:

  • SUGGESTED: Restore content only
    • Uncheck Include enrolled users
  • Restore with student/Grade data
    (Useful for incomplete courses, grade challenges, seeing submitted files and feedback)
    • Check Include enrolled users
    • Set Include enrollment methods to No, restore users as manual enrollments

Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Click the Next button.

On the 4. Schema page you’ll want to double-check at least the following:

Confirm course Full Name (displays at the top of the page within the course).

Update Add RESTORED and the current or relevant term to the end of the default short name.
(Example: “2019/SU M-101-01” becomes “2019/SU M-101-01 RESTORED 2020/FA” or otherwise check our course naming conventions).

Set the course Start date and End dates (may result in course opening/closing to students/guests automatically and all dates within course will update in relation to this start date.)

The 5. Review page is exactly what it says it is, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Click the Perform restore button.

The size of your backup will determine your wait for the 6. Process step.

Click the Continue button when it appears.

And you’re done!

OPTIONAL: You can navigate to your working course and Import some parts or import this entire  restored course’s content.