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This applies to Forums set up to use Ratings. 

  1. Enter the (Open) Forum you wish you enter grades for.
  2. Enter the Discussion you wish to enter grades for. (Does not apply for Single Simple Discussion or Blog style forums)
  3. Read over a student’s post.
  4. Locate the Rating… drop-down menu in the bottom-left corner.
  5. You can tell if this has already been graded by the link before the dropdown. If it’s only a then no grades have been applied.
  6. Select the desired points earned from the drop-down and wait for the changes to be applied automatically.
  7. Confirm the changes by looking at the number link listed immediately after the drop-down update to reflect that at least one rating has been applied to this post. It will say something like 5 (1) letting you know that they have earned 5 points and have been graded by a single instructor.