Verify Student Enrollment

At the start of each term, you’ll want to take a moment to verify student enrollment for each of your courses. This is to make sure the students that have been put into your Moodle course match the class registration list for that course.

Check Moodle Enrollments

These should be automatically pulled from our student information system but errors happen and double-checking is strongly recommended!

Scroll to the top of your course page (if you are not already there).

From the Secondary navigation click the Participants item.

Compare the Moodle roster with your class registration list. They should match

It is possible to manually Enroll users from this screen, but the student should be officially enrolled in the school first

  • It can take a newly registered student about 48 hours to appear in Moodle
  • Wait-listed students are NOT automatically enrolled into Moodle courses and will not be until they have fulled enrolled via an Add/Drop form or similar

NOTE: Our drop enrollment process isn’t always perfect so you may need to manually remove enrollments from Moodle to make them match your roster in Self Service.

Check Self Service Enrollments

This is the official Roster for your course and should be accurate in accordance to our college’s student information system. This is to be trusted over Moodle.

Login to the portal.

Ensure you’re in the Faculty view (if you aren’t already.)

Find the CougarTrax menu on the far left of the page

Expand Self Service and click the Self Service: Faculty item

You should see all your assigned terms and courses listed below Manage your courses by selecting a section below.

Under the appropriate term, click the name of your course.

NOTE: If the course you seek is NOT listed here for some reason, you might explore other terms or contact your Department Administrative Assistant to ensure you are officially assigned to this course.

You will be brought to the Section Details page

Click the Roster tab (if not already selected)

Your students will be listed below.

Check this listing against your Moodle roster and if needed, manually enroll students or submit an OLET support ticket.

Wait-listed Students will NOT be enrolled into Moodle automatically. If you have wait-listed students you’d like to have officially enrolled in your course you’ll want to contact Enrollment Services via email and provide the following, one wait-listed student at a time:

  • Confirm you are the instructor of your course including section and term (example: 2020/SU M-101-05)
  • The wait-listed student’s Full name and Student ID number
  • Cc (Carbon copy) the student on this email so they know you’ve made this change on their behalf.

Repeat this for EACH student. Do NOT send a single email with multiple students as the Student ID is FERPA sensitive information and should NOT be shared between classmates