The course start date and course end date come though automatically for provisioned courses. Courses will automatically open and close on those date and times.

NOTE: You cannot change the start date and end date of your provisioned courses in Moodle. This can only be done to courses in your staging area.

If you’d like to hide an provisioned course that was created for you but will be unused, you’ll need to hide the course from students the day AFTER the start date or you can also un-hide the course the day AFTER the end date of the course.

Enter the Moodle course.

From the Secondary navigation select the Settings item.

Confirm the Course Start Date value.

NOTE: If your course starts during the first week of the term you course start date should be Monday of the first week of the term.

If your course starts after the first week of the term your course start date should match your first meeting date.

Please confirm this matches the dates listed for your course in MyClackamas>Self-Service.

If not already unchecked, uncheck the Calculate the end date from the number of sections box.

NOTE: This is especially important if you use Topics and the number of topics does not match the number of weeks in your course.

Confirm the Course End Date value.

NOTE: The course end date in Moodle will be 7 days past your end date listed in MyClackamas > Self-Service to give you time to finish grades before the course is hidden.

If you would like you can manually hide your course before this date.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click the Save and display button.

If you believe your start date and end date are set incorrectly and do not match the start and end date of your course in MyClackamas > Self-Service please contact the OLET department at online@clackamas.edu.