Course Visibility

Courses will automatically open and close based on the provisioned start and end dates of a course in Moodle.

NOTE: You can no longer change the start and end dates of provisioned courses.

If you would like to manually show or hide a course beyond the start and end dates you will follow these steps. If you manually show a course beyond the end date we encourage you to manually hide the course when students are done accessing the course.

Scroll to the top of your course page (if you are not already there).

From the Secondary navigation click the Settings item.

The Edit course settings page appears.

Find the Course Visibility drop down menu and select Show or Hide depending on your needs.

NOTE: Attempts to change this setting on the start date or end date listed in Moodle will result in the setting toggling right back. Wait a day to make this change.

Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Click on the Save and display button.