Add An Activity Or Resource

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To add any Activity or Resource to a page you must be on the main page for the course.

Navigate to the course you wish to add an activity or resource to.

Turn Editing On within your course.

Turn Editing On button is found in the top-right corner of a Moodle page you have permission to modify content for.

Once Editing is enabled, scroll down to the bottom of whatever week/topic you want to add an Activity or Resource to.

Locate and click the + Add an activity or resource link.

A menu will pop up offering many Activities and Resources, as shown.

Select the Item you want from the grid.

Click the little icon of the letter i in a circle directly below the item icon to see more information.

When satisfied, click the Add button and you will be greeted with the edit screen of your chosen activity or resource.

To find out more specific activities or resources check out our Intro to Activities and Resources article.

Just have a file or two you need to get online? There’s a quick way to add a file to Moodle!

Ideal for creating more than one, similarly configured item for consistency of content you can quickly duplicate created activities and resources.