Activity Completion: Students Manually Mark as Complete

Completion tracking must be enabled for this option to be available.

This option is ideal for tracking student progression through coursework handled outside of Moodle, such as completing readings or assigned tasks. For items handled within Moodle, you might instead automate this process so an activity checks off after meeting specified requirements.

Locate the item you want to track.

If Editing is turned on, click the Edit menu (three vertical dots) and click the Edit Settings option.


Click into the activity or resource and from its secondary navigation click the Settings link.

Expand the Activity completion section.

Change of the value of Completion tracking to Students can manually mark the activity as completed.

NOTE: If you enable and set the Expect completed on date, Moodle will display a reminder on both the Dashbaord Timeline and Calendar.

Click the Save and return to course button.