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Change Multiple Due Dates using the Dates Report

After copying a previous Moodle course over at the start of the term due dates will adjust based on the start date of the course. However you might want to verify or adjust the due dates or completion dates for some activities. Going into the activity settings one-by-one can be time consuming when changing multiple assignments. In this case you might want to use the Dates report in Moodle that will allow you to review the relevant due dates in bulk and and apply changes as needed.

Enter the course in question.

From the Secondary navigation select the Reports item.

Click the Dates option from the list of reports.

The sections of the Dates Report correspond to the week or topic blocks on the main course page.

Click on the title of a week/topic to expand it and view the relevant activities.

NOTE: You can also click Expand all to expand all the weeks/topics for the course.

Edit the dates of the activities in the expanded section as needed.

When you have finished editing all the dates scroll to the top or the bottom of the page and select Save changes.