Quiz: Manually Grading Attempts and Questions

Some quiz questions will grade automatically. For those that don’t or for when you need to override a grade, you can manually grade quiz questions.

Most types of quiz questions will be automatically graded by Moodle:

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • All forms of Matching
  • Calculated
  • Cloze
  • Short Answer*

However, some question types must be manually graded by an instructor before a grade can be calculated for the quiz attempt:

  • Essay
  • Short answer (These will auto-grade but as you get used to it I strongly suggest you double-check the system’s assigned grades in case students submitted an answer that is technically correct but that you didn’t account for.)

Enter the course and click into the quiz you wish to grade.

From within the quiz

Select the Results option on the Secondary Navigation

Select the Manual grading item from the Tertiary Navigation

This page will display all quiz questions that need to be manually graded.

From the To grade column click the grade link for the question you’d like to start with.

NOTE: If you have some Short answer questions that auto-grade you may still want to check those for accuracy and add them to the list by clicking the Also show questions that have been graded automatically link. This will show ALL questions so make sure to mind the types shown by their icons and look for Short answer and Essay question types.

From the Options section, consider how you’d like to proceed:

  • Ensure that Attempts to grade is set to Those that need grading
  • Set Questions per page to 1 or 2 so that your responses are saved often
  • Click the Change options button if you’ve made any of these modifications

Each question attempt will appear below.

  • Your  original question text will be listed first for your own context.
  • Below that, the student’s response will appear indented.
  • Finally, there will be the Comment section where you can provide written feedback and Points earned.

When done, move onto the next attempt.
Click the Save and show next button to proceed, (this will save your progress).

Repeat as needed for each set of questions.