Print out a Paper Copy of a Quiz from Moodle

Moodle isn’t designed to be printed.
It can be done; however, it isn’t particularly attractive nor is it the suggested use. The following steps are required to print a quiz when no other options are available.

Use the Chrome Web Browser (Firefox is not recommended for this task as it treats printing just a little differently.)

Duplicate your pre-existing Quiz Activity to create a quiz (copy)

Edit your quiz (copy) to have Unlimited questions on a single page

NOTE: This is NOT best practice for an online quiz, but is necessary for the offline printing process.

OPTIONAL: If you have ANY plans to re-print this quiz at a later date, make sure the quiz (copy) doesn’t affect the gradebook:

Hit Ctrl + P on your keyboard to print out the web page.

Look over the print preview to make sure it’s what you expect, then print it as you would anything else.

Enter the quiz and click the Preview quiz now button near the bottom of the page.

When printing is complete and you DID NOT follow the OPTIONAL steps to save the quiz for future use, delete the duplicated quiz (copy) from Moodle.