Quiz: Giving a Student an Additional Attempt

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This is ideal for when you want to give a student a second chance to take a quiz for technical or other unique situations and still want to keep their first attempt on record or factored into their grade.

If you want to provide students with a clean slate on their quiz and completely remove their problematic attempts you can do so.

From within the Secondary navigation click the More item.

Select Overrides from the list.

From Override user select the User(s- you can use the Ctrl/Command key on your keyboard to select more than one student).

Set the Attempts allowed drop-down to at least 1 more attempt than is currently allowed.

EXAMPLE: If there’s 1 attempt normally, set it to 2. If there are 2 attempts allowed and you want to give them another two chances, set it to 4.

OPTIONAL: Depending on your timing settings you may also want to extend the Close the quiz date as well if the quiz’s default close date is close or past so your student has a fair chance.

Click the Save button.

Ensure that your quiz grades are calculated with this change in mind!

From the Quiz page’s Secondary navigation click the Settings option.

Scroll down and expand the Grade section.

Ensure that Grading Method is set to the desired value to accommodate these added attempts so that you can take the highest attempt or perhaps average grades on each attempt.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Click the Save and return to course button.