Gradebook Basics: Quizzes

This article will cover the basics of getting an existing quiz to function with your grade book. To find out more about the quiz activity as a whole, check out the quiz activity article.

Setting the Point value of a Quiz in the Gradebook

You won’t find a place to enter the grade value of a quiz under Edit Settings as you will almost any other activity in Moodle.

Enter your Moodle Course

Enter the Quiz you want to change the point value of

Expand the Quiz’s Action Menu (gear icon) and select the Edit quiz option

From this new page you will see all questions included in a quiz here, above those questions are some basic information about the quiz:

Total of Points: This is how many points that all questions added up total.

Maximum Grade: This is the actual value of the quiz as will appear in the gradebook.

Once your Maximum Grade is set, hit the save button next to it to apply this change.

Check back in your gradebook settings– the quiz total should appear as the intended worth

No Credit Quizzes

There may come a time where you want to make quizzes that students can use to review content at no benefit (or detriment) to their grade.

It is possible to remove a quiz from your gradebook while not affecting your students’ grades, simply set the maximum grade (see above) to 0 (zero) and save. It will no longer appear in the gradebook while still allowing students access to the quiz.

Troubleshooting: Students Can’t See their Quiz Grade

You can identify a hidden item (student cannot see it) as they are “grayed out” or ghostly in color compared to their peers. If this shows in the gradebook than this hidden item will also very likely result in a student being unable to see their class total grade accurately.

Hidden Quiz in Grader Report (Instructor View)
Hidden Quiz in Gradebook Setup (Instructor View)

Ensure the Quiz Activity is Visible to Students

First, check the visibility of the quiz in the weekly/topic view of your course, either the quiz itself is hidden or the week/topic that it resides in is hidden- if either is the case then a student will NOT be able to see it in their gradebook. This is a relatively new change as of Moodle version 2.5.

To correct this, make sure that the week and activity both are available and visible to students from the weekly view.

Ensure Points (or Marks) under Review Options is Checked (for current timing)

Should that fail then more than likely points for this point in time in regards to the quiz in question have not been enabled – marks being the total points received on a quiz attempt.

Locate the Edit menu for the quiz in question and select Edit settings

From within the Updating Quiz page you will need to scroll down to and expand the Review Options section

Here, Points are very important- this is the total grade your student got on their quiz and decides when to show it to students if at all

NOTE: If Points are not checked such as the image above, then during the time span indicated in the column the student won’t be able to see their grade either when viewing the finished quiz OR from the gradebook

Suggested: Always check all three columns of Points

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Click the Save and display button

Suggested: navigate to your gradebook and confirm the changes are expected