Make a Meta-Course (Combine Enrollments from Multiple Courses)

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A meta course enrollment will take any and all folks enrolled in one Moodle course and automatically push them into another course of your choosing.

Some examples of use are:

  • Mimicking cross-listed courses (that couldn’t be cross-listed in scheduling for technical reasons)
  • Running multiple sections of the same course in a single Moodle course
  • Creating a supplemental resource or cohort course in your staging area that you want to permit all of your students to access in addition to their other courses with you

You can choose to create a new combined course in your staging area or just choose one normal (automatically provisioned) course section to use instead.

Add meta enrollment

Scroll to the top of your course page (if you are not already there).

From the Secondary navigation click the Participants item.

From the Tertiary navigation select the Enrollment Methods item.

From the new page look for the little drop down menu at the bottom of the provided table: Add Method.

Select Course Meta Link.

Once the page loads, select the course from which you want to include the students of.


Enter part of the course name in the Link course to limit results.

Repeat the last step for each course you wish to have student enrollments from within this course.

Each course should be listed in an off-color tab near the Link course section.

Click the Add Method button.

Check your users listing to ensure students are enrolled as expected.

Unused courses should be hidden from students the day after the first day of term to avoid confusion as you can no longer modify the start-date for normally provisioned courses.