Build a Meta-Course

A meta-course enrollment will allow you to add ALL participants from one course into another Moodle course. The advantage of meta-course enrollment is that you can facilitate multiple sections from one course.

Some uses for meta-course enrollments are:

  • Create a resource repository or cohort course that students from multiple courses can access.
  • Combine multiple sections of the same course into a single Moodle course (similar to cross-listed courses).

Add meta enrollment

Scroll to the top of your course page.

From the Secondary navigation, click Participants.

From the drop-down menu, select Enrollment methods.

From the Add method drop-down menu at the bottom of the page, select Course meta link.

From the Link course drop-down, select the course from where you want to include the students.

NOTE: If you don’t immediately see the course listed, enter part of the course name to filter the results.

Click the Add method button.

Check your Participants list to ensure students are enrolled as expected.

Required Final Steps

NOTE: Combining multiple sections into a single course can be confusing for students. If you are using a meta-course to combine multiple sections, please complete this final step. 

Before the first day of the term:

  • Delete or hide all content from students in the unused course
  • Place a note in the Course Essentials section of the unused course to direct students to the new location; include the course name and link
  • Email your students in both sections to clearly explain that you have combined courses; include the name and section number of the course you intend to use
  • Place a recognizable course image in the section you have chosen to use

On the second day of the term, hide the unused course from view to avoid confusion.