Gradebook: Manual Grades (Grades for things outside of Moodle)

Add a Manual Grade Item

A manual grade item would be the most ideal method for these, you can add a manual grade item (just one for everyone- you don’t need one for each group).

  1. You can set a manual grade item by
  2. Go to the course you wish to add a manual item to
  3. Locate your Actions Menu (gear icon in the top-right corner of the page)
  4. Click the gradebook setup item
  5. Scroll to the bottom of this page
  6. Click Add Grade Item button
  7. On the new page:
    1. Give the item a Name
    2. give it a maximum value
    3. if applicable place it in a category (expand Parent Category)
  8. Once that’s been created you can view the gradebook normally and click into the applicable cell and enter the grade value for each student

Importing Grades from an External Tool into Moodle’s Gradebook

These instructions assume you have already create a manual grade item for each item the external tool grades on. For instructions for that see the above instructions.

  1. Download the grades from your external tool into a spreadsheet file of your preference.
    This will often be listed under an Export option in most tools.
  2. Log Into Moodle and access your related class
  3. Open the Nav Drawer (three horizonal line icon in the top-left corner of the page)
  4. Click on the Grades item
    If your external tool doesn’t export each row with something like the student.clackamas email, user ID or clackamas username as matches our records you will NEED to do this step.
    Export your Current grade book’s manual items for this/these non-Moodle gradable item(s)
    1. Click the Export tab at the top of your gradebook
    2. Click the Plain Text sub-tab
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Select all/none link to uncheck everything.
    4. Scroll back up the page and check only the items that refer to the items related to this external tool
    5. Scroll back down and open the Export format options section
    6. Check one grade export display type that is relevant to that which your external spreadsheet also uses ( real is point value like 48 is reference to 48/50, the other two are straightforward)
    7. Click the Download Button
    8. Open both spreadsheets – the export from Moodle and the export from the external tool
    9. Do a visual inspection to ensure either the order of all students match between the two
    10. Copy (right click with mouse, select copy or Ctrl+c) cells from the external tool
    11. Paste those values into their corresponding cells in the Moodle exported spreadsheet until populated with all content possible
  6. Save and close the ready spreadsheet of grades as a CSV file if it isn’t already
  7. Return to the Moodle gradebook
  8. Click into the Import tab
  9. Upload the CSV file in the box presented
    Ensure you settings here match those you chose when saving the file as a CSV
    1. Click the Upload grades button
    2. Scroll down to the Identify user by section
    3. Set the Map From value, select a titled heading from your CSV that can be tied to Student records (student.clackamas email, user ID or clackamas username)
    4. Set the Map to value to whichever of the following matches the previous step’s selection: student.clackamas email, user ID or clackamas username
    5. Move down to the Grade item mappings section and locate ONLY the column headings that apply to your Manual grade items created earlier
    6. Apply each listed header to its corresponding Manual Grade item- It’s okay for a majority of these to be “Ignore”
    7. When done click the Upload Grades button at the bottom of the page
      If error is reported back button can be used to return and make adjustments.
    8. Return to your prefered gradebook view and visually inspect imported grades and ensure imported grades went as planned
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