Add a Manual Grade Item

A manual grade item populates a gradebook with work that occurs outside of Moodle:

  • Work hosted elsewhere, such as required emails or outside tools from publishers.
  • Extra credit on top of normally graded work, such as a student earning 12/10 points on an assignment;
  • In-Class work
  • Pretty much anything that is not completed using a Moodle Activity.

Scroll to the top of the main page of your course (if you aren’t there already).

Select the Grades option from the Secondary Navigation. 

Select the Gradebook Setup option from the drop-down. 

Click the Add grade item button.

Set the Item name to the name of the assignment. Try to be descriptive and consistent in the naming of your grade items.

Set the Maximum grade to the point value of the assignment.

OPTIONAL: If you aren’t ready for the item to be visible to students you can check the Hidden checkbox.

If you have categories set up in your course expand Parent category.

Select the appropriate Grade category from the drop-down menu.

Click on Save changes at the bottom.

Once the grade item has been created you can enter grades.