Rubrics in Moodle

Rubrics in Moodle 2.9 provide instructors with criteria-based assessment forms that can be used to grade student work more consistently, quickly, and transparently.  The tool allows instructors to create their own rubrics from scratch or use an existing rubric that can be modified and filled out online.  The completed rubric is available to students reviewing their grades, and the rubric template can also be made available at the outset to better contextualize an assignment and create more concrete expectations.

Enable Rubric for an Activity

At this time rubrics only work with Assignment and Forum activities and you may not see these options elsewhere in Moodle.

Enter the activity in your course.

Expand the Actions menu (gear icon)

Select the Advanced Grading item

Set the Change active grading method to drop-down to Rubric

Creating and Applying the Rubric

NOTE: If you have created a rubric you’d like to use in other classes please contact and we can make your rubric available site-wide. If you’d like to reuse a rubric in your class we suggest duplicating the activity.

Enter a Name for rubric and, optionally, a description

In the Advanced grading area of Assignment administration, we’ll select the “Define new grading form from scratch” option.

NOTE:  if you already have a rubric template available, you can select “Create new grading form from a template,” but, for this tutorial, we’ll assume this is the first time you’ve used a Rubric and, therefore, describe how to create a new grading rubric.

Click on the “Click to edit…” text to enter criteria and levels

To add addition levels and specify points, click “Add level

To add additional criteria, click “Add criterion

Click the Save rubric and make it ready button when you’re content

You will be able to see the rubric on the main assignment page under Submission Status