Kaltura Media Assignment (Video Submissions)

Working with Kaltura Media Assignment in Moodle

The Kaltura Media Assignment activity is where you can have students submit a video directly to you for grading.

It can be either a pre-recorded and edited video file (possibly ideal for a multimedia course) or it could be recorded on-the-spot for a less polished video assignment showing a physical or audible practice (possible ideal for signals or language classes).

NOTE: This activity requires that students have access to a computer with a webcam and microphone or a multimedia file uploaded from an external device like a camcorder or smartphone.

You can create a Kaltura media assignment much like any other Activity, it doesn’t have too many bells or whistles which means providing a good description for a student’s task or even an example video for them to see can make for a more successful experience.

We have steps for grading videos submitted via the Kaltura Media Assignment activity.

If you do NOT want to associate a grade value with this activity you can edit the settings of the activity and under Grades set Grade type to None on setup. It may still appear in the gradebook with a value of – so that feedback can be still be provided to students.

Kaltura supports adding and uploading subtitles and captions to videos and you can request videos for your classes be captioned from our Video Caption Request form.

Videos without captions should be paired with a written transcript or alternative materials that provide the same information (making a video optional does NOT meet these legal requirements.)