Kaltura Multimedia: Adding Closed-Captions (CC)

Kaltura will automatically machine caption videos in English when recorded by or moved into My Media. However, if the spoken language is French, German, Russian, Spanish, or Vietnamese, you will need to request machine captioning in that specific language.

Machine captioning is fast, simple, and decently accurate (~80%) but may struggle with acronyms and industry-specific words. You can, however, make minor edits to the machine captions. If the machine captioning is still too inaccurate, you can submit a ticket to request human captioning.

Request machine captioning for a video whose spoken language is French, German, Russian, Spanish, or Vietnamese.

Click the My Media link in the red bar at the top of Moodle.

Click on the video in need of captions.

Scroll down to the space directly below the video.

Locate and open the ACTIONS menu.

Select Caption & Enrich.

If the video was not previously machine captioned, you will see a message under the Existing requests section that No requests were found. 

Scroll down to the Order Captions & Enrichment Services section.

Change the Source Media Language item to the spoken language in your video.

Click the Submit button.

The page will reload to include a Pending entry under Existing requests.

OPTIONAL: Click the expand arrow on the right of the entry to view additional details about your request, such as the estimate for how long it will take to process your request. Processing time will vary based on the system load and video length.

After your request has been processed, the closed caption (CC) button will appear in the video player.

NOTE: Viewers may need to click on the CC button to select the appropriate language.

Request Human Captioning

If machine captioning is too inaccurate, you can submit a ticket to request human captioning. To process your request, you will need to locate the video’s Media Entry ID.

Login to MediaSpace (video.clackamas.edu).

Click on your name and select My Media from the drop-down menu.

Click the pencil icon to the right of the video.

Click the Publish tab to change or confirm the Publishing Status as Unlisted, then Save.

Locate the Media Entry ID in the Basic Info for the video.

Copy and submit the Media Entry ID number(s) with your ticket.