Kaltura Multimedia: Adding Closed-Captions (CC)

Kaltura Reach Machine Captioning

Machine captioning is fast, simple, and decently accurate (~80%) but may struggle with acronyms and industry-specific words. However, video owners can easily correct machine transcripts. (These instructions require that a video be uploaded to the Kaltura Media Gallery within a course and is part of our series of Kaltura instructions.)

Kaltura Reach will create machine captions for a video in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese if that is the spoken language in the video. However, it does not translate the spoken language into another language.

As of 2023 Kaltura Reach machine captioning is enabled by default and captioning should only need to be requested on older videos within Kaltura or if the spoken language of your video was not English.

From the red bar at the top of Moodle click the My Media link.

Click on the video in need of captions.

Scroll down to the space directly below the video.

Locate and open the ACTIONS menu.

Select the Caption & Enrich item.

If your video has not been Machine captioned previously you will get a message under the Existing requests section about No requests were found. 

Scroll down to the Order Captions & Enrichment Services section.

Change the Source Media Language item to the spoken language in your video.

Click the Submit button.

Part of the page will reload and there will be a Pending entry under Existing requests.

OPTIONAL: Click the expand arrow on the right of the entry to view additional details about your request, such as the estimate for how long it will take to process your request, this will vary based on system load and video length.

Check back later after your request has been processed and your video now has a CC button in the player.

Request Human Captioning

For the best accuracy you can submit a request for human-captioning for your video.

NOTE: Clackamas Community College uses CaptionSync resources provided to us for free from the state to process these and if we don’t use them we lose them. Don’t hesitate to request Human Captioning well in advance of possible needing it!

If your machine captioning is too inaccurate you can submit a form to request a video be captioned. In order to process your request we need the Video ID. Follow these steps to find this information.

From the red bar at the top of Moodle click the My Media link.

Click the pencil button to edit the video.

Locate the Media Entry ID in the Basic Info for the video.