Upload a video to Kaltura

Kaltura can be used for long-term multimedia storage, publishing and sharing options. Follow these directions to upload any video to Kaltura in Moodle.

From the red bar at the top of any Moodle page click the My Media link.

NOTE: If you do not use Moodle, you can login to MediaSpace (video.clackamas.edu) to upload the multimedia.

Click +Create to open the menu.

Click the Upload option to upload an existing video file (.mp4 or .mov).

Either drag and drop the video file(s) into the dashed box or click the Select files button and select your video(s).

NOTE: You can use the Ctrl key to select multiple videos to upload at the same time.

While the file is uploading, you may modify the Name, Description and Tags for the video by clicking the Edit button to the right.

Fill in the NameDescription, and Tag fields.

Click the Save button.

Depending on the size of the video it may not immediately show in your My Media.

It can take awhile for the video to finish processing.