Download a Cloud-Recorded video from the Zoom Cloud

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The steps required to download a video stored in the Zoom Cloud (temporary storage) for use elsewhere (such as uploading the video to Kaltura for long-term storage.)

Navigate to

Click the Login to Zoom button.

Login with your email and your Zoom password (which is not necessarily the same as your MyClackamas login).

From the navigation panel on the left, click Recordings.

Then ensure you’re on the Cloud Recordings tab.

Locate the obsolete meeting’s Topic and click on the corresponding File size link.

screenshot of zoom portal

OPTIONAL: Click on the video thumbnail to preview and confirm the content targeted for deletion.

Click the download button to download all related files which may include:

  • The video (.mp4 file) titled something like Shared screen with speaker view 
  • An audio only file (also a .mp4 file)
  • The (automatic) Audio Transcript (a .vtt file)

There may be multiple download prompts that appear (one per file).

Choose to Save file.

NOTE: If you’re unsure where the downloaded files are saved, check the Downloads folder on your local computer.


Now that you’ve downloaded the media files from Zoom, we suggest that you host them in Kaltura: