Download a Cloud-Recorded video from Zoom

Video recordings stored in Zoom will only be available for 90 days due to its limited storage capacity. The original, unedited video will automatically upload to Kaltura (My Media or MediaSpace) for long-term storage. However, if your video does not upload to Kaltura properly, follow these instructions.

Navigate to

Click the Login to Zoom button.

Login with with your Clackamas Email and Password.

From the navigation panel on the left, click Recordings.

Then ensure you’re on the Cloud Recordings tab.

Locate the recording that you wish to download. Click on the meeting’s Topic. 

Zoom Cloud Recordings

Hover over the video option you wish to use: Shared screen with speaker view, Speaker view, or Shared screen.

Click on the download arrow to download the video file (.mp4) to your computer.

NOTE: If you’re unsure where the download file is saved, check the Downloads folder on your local computer.

Now that you’ve downloaded the video file from Zoom, we suggest that you upload it to Kaltura for long-term storage.