Assignment Troubleshooting: Students have Drafts instead of Submissions

If you have an assignment activity with cases of students submitting drafts instead of proper submissions this can be disorienting as:

It will…
  • Prevent the grading filters from showing assignments that need grading/have been submitted
  • Will not accurately reflect time remaining (things will appear late when they are, in fact not late at all.)
It will not…
  • Prevent students from seeing your provided feedback (file or comments) or their grade.

First, Deal with the Submitted Work

  • Grade them anyway: turn off your filters and manually grade each submission, paying attention to when it was last modified instead of the submission date. – OR –
  • Have students re-submit them: It may be early enough that you can ask students to go in and look at their submissions and on the same page that they would upload their submission, have them hit the button to confirm that submission.
    You as a teacher cannot manually change this Draft status. You can opt to grade them anyway and make a feedback comment reflecting your actions.

Then, Prevent this from Happening Again

You can’t easily change the status of Draft to submitted for those who have already made submissions but you can ask them to go back and press the extra button after uploading to confirm their submission.

Check this on future assignment turn-ins too, just in case!

Click into the Assignment in question (normally, editing doesn’t need to be enabled.)

Locate the Actions menu (gear icon) and click the Edit Settings link.

Scroll down to the Submission settings section and expand it.

Change/Ensure the value of Require students to click submit button to No.

Change/Ensure the value of Require that students accept the submission statement to No

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click the Save and return to course button.

Repeat for each assignment in your course, just in case.