Kaltura Multimedia (Video Hosting)

Working with Kaltura in Moodle

At this time Moodle is not designed to host big media files like videos. They bloat course archive files sizes making restores slow and difficult and can force students to download a video and play it on their own computer. By using Kaltura in Moodle students can play and upload videos in their browser without leaving the Moodle course.

Kaltura has no file-size upload limitations and videos uploaded to Kaltura should stay there indefinitely (unlike Zoom Cloud videos recorded before February 26, 2023).

NOTE: You can access this same media outside of Moodle by going to CCC’s MediaSpace site (video.clackamas.edu)

You can import a video into the Media gallery for repeated use in your Moodle course.

If you would like to have students submit videos to you you can create a Kaltura Media Assignment.

NOTE: If you’ve previously signed into MediaSpace or used the Kaltura My Media gallery within Moodle then effective February 26, 2023 all videos recorded to the Zoom Cloud will also be copied to your Kaltura galleries automatically.

To collect and grade student submitted videos use the Kaltura Multimedia Assignment activity.

If you are bringing a video downloaded from another location (such as Zoom Cloud before February 26, 2023) or otherwise already have a caption file you can add it to your own video in the Media Gallery.

Otherwise, you can have request we have it captioned within a few business days by using our Closed-Captioning Request form.

There are a number of ways to integrate multimedia into your Moodle course; this article should help you determine which recording tool is best for your needs. This article does NOT include pre-existing academic video resources like those provided by the CCC Library, nor does it include Big Blue Button which is less for recording and more for student-to-student synchronous communication within online courses and is not intended for students to record.
Creating or Hosting Videos in Moodle
Tool Name with Article Link Record Audio/Video (Moodle's ATTO text editor) Kaltura (Quick Embed) (Moodle's ATTO text editor) Kaltura (Media Gallery) Zoom Cloud
General Guide Ideal for short (<5min), one-use video or audio responses. Ideal for quickly recording or uploading low-importance or just-in-time videos. Ideal for general use. Ideal for quickly recording temporary videos (such as live course sessions).
Can record from webcam? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Can record from device screen? No. Yes, both the Kaltura Capture App and Express capture (web browser) can now record screens. (Added 2023) Yes, both the Kaltura Capture App and Express capture (web browser) can now record screens. (Added 2023)Yes.
Can upload preexisting media? No. Yes. Yes. No.
Limitations for Media Duration? May not exceed 5 minutes. None. None. None (with Licensed account provided by CCC.)
Tool can be used by Students? Yes, anywhere you find the ATTO text editor. Yes, anywhere you find the ATTO text editor. Yes, everyone has a Media Gallery within Moodle. No, a student can only attend a Zoom meeting if invited or linked.
Media can be captioned? No. Yes, owner can upload your own captions or request captioning. Yes, owner can upload your own captions or request captioning. Yes, Cloud Recorded videos are automatically captioned (and can be easily touched up by owner).
Media can be shared outside of Moodle? No. No. Yes, only the owner can generate HTML Embed Code from within the Media Gallery. To share a video outside of Moodle you can generate share links on Mediaspace. Yes, no Moodle requirement at all.
Media can be easily Downloaded? No. No, only by special request to online@clackams.edu. Yes, by the video owner only from the Media Gallery from the Actions menu and Downloads tab. Yes, by the video owner only (by default). Download for viewers is an OPTIONAL (see share settings on video management page).
Longevity: How long will the media be available here? At least 1.25 years (in Moodle) after being recorded. (Otherwise part of User Data from Course Recovery). At least 1.25 years after being recorded (stored within Kaltura and as User Data from Course Recovery, difficult to find by request to online@clackams.edu). Long Term (stored within Kaltura, easy to find by request to online@clackams.edu). At least 3 months after being recorded (stored within Zoom Cloud) If you've previously logged into Kaltura in Moodle or Mediaspace a permanent copy will also be made on Kaltura automatically). See our Zoom Cloud-Recording Retention Plan
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