Enable Completion Tracking in Your Course

How-To Enable Completion Tracking

Enabling Completion Tracking in a course allows your students to clearly recognize and track the work they need to complete. It will have no effect on their grade.

To add Activity Completion to existing activities and resources, use Bulk Edit Activity Completion.

To make sure Activity Completion is set up properly for new activities and resources, use Default Activity Completion.

If you want to monitor work completed on a course level for both you and your students, you will need to add either the Course Completion Status Block or the Completion Progress Block.

Navigate to the course where you want to enable completion tracking.

From the Secondary navigation, select the Settings item.

Expand the section called Completion Tracking.

Change the value of Enable completion tracking to Yes.

Change the value of Show activity completion conditions to Yes if you want students to know what they need to do to have the item marked complete.

Click the Save and display button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: You won’t see any overt changes to your course without completing additional steps.

Next, you will need to add completion tracking to selected activities. Use the Bulk Application Based on Activity Type to complete this process.