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Verify Zoom Cloud Recordings in Kaltura

Video recordings stored in Zoom will only be available for 90 days due to its limited storage capacity. The original, unedited video will automatically upload to Kaltura (My Media or MediaSpace) for long-term storage.

NOTE: Modifying the Zoom cloud recording before it has successfully created a copy to your My Media library can generate an error which may prevent your video from uploading. Should this occur, OLET will reach out to you directly.

To verify that your Zoom Cloud recordings appear in Kaltura, follow these instructions. You will first need to login to both Zoom and MediaSpace (Kaltura) to compare the videos you have listed in both locations.

View Zoom Cloud Recordings:

  1. Go to Zoom (
  2. Login to Zoom.
  3. Click on Recordings from the menu on the left.
  4. Verify that Cloud Recordings is selected.

View Kaltura Recordings:

  1. Go to MediaSpace (
  2. Login to MediaSpace.
  3. Click on your name, and then select My Media from the menu.

NOTE: You can also access the videos you have stored in Kaltura through Moodle by selecting My Media from the red bar.

Compare the date of the video in Zoom

to the date of the video in Kaltura.

If there is any discrepancy between the number of recordings you have on a particular date, or you believe you have edited a Zoom recording, select the video in Zoom to see more details.

NOTE: If you stop and start recording in Zoom, it will create multiple videos in Kaltura with the same date.

Compare the video details (number, time, and image) in Zoom

to the video details in Kaltura.

If your video details do not match, download the video from Zoom and upload the video to Kaltura for long-term storage.