Bulk Edit Activity Completion

You can bulk apply settings to ALL activities but your completion tracking options may be limited to none or manual.

Use this process for one type of activity/resource at a time for the most control and the best results.

Enter the course with completion tracking enabled.

From the Secondary navigation expand the More button.

Select the Course Completion option.

From the drop-down menu below the Secondary navigation, click on Bulk edit activity completion.

Check off all the activities (or resources) where you want to apply a particular type of completion tracking.

Scroll to the top or bottom of the page and click the Edit button.

Define the desired completion tracking settings for these activities/resources.

You have 3 options for the Completion tracking setting:

    • Do not indicate activity completion – This option is best used for Text and Media Resources as well as activities and resources that are not a required/graded element of the course.
    • Students can manually mark the activity as completed – This option is best used for activities and resources that you want students to indicate when they have completed it.
    • Show activity as complete when conditions are met – This option is best used for activities and resources that you want automatically marked completed when the complete a specific task (view, submit a file, earn a grade, etc…)

Click the Save changes button.

Repeat as desired.

When you’re done with all the activities/resources, consider adding a Course Completion Status Block or Completion Progress Block so you and your students can track course progress.