Extending Quiz Times in Moodle

How-To Extend Time Limit on a Quiz

Quizzes can accommodate extended time limits, due dates, number of attempts, and unique passwords for individual students. These directions look at how to extend the time limit, which is the most common accommodation. However, you will notice other settings that you can also alter.

NOTE: Moodle uses the terminology Quiz to describe all types of exams.

Log into Moodle and navigate to your course.

Enter the Quiz where you want to add an accommodation.

Click the More option from the secondary navigation.

Select Overrides.

Click the Add user override button.

From Override user, select the user who needs the accommodation.

NOTE: If you want to set the same override for multiple students, set up a group and use the group override option.

Set the Time limit to represent the extended time allotted to the student (as outlined in the letter of accommodation).

NOTE: Use this same area to change other settings, such as the Close the quiz date and time, or the Attempts allowed.

Click the Save button.

NOTE: If you need to add a different override to this same quiz, you can use the Save and enter another override button.

Once you have saved the override, you will see the list of all your User overrides for this particular quiz. You can use this screen to edit the user override (gear), delete the user override (trash can), or duplicate (two pieces of paper) for you to use the same settings for another user.

Will you have to do this for every quiz in Moodle? Yes. Once you receive a letter of accommodation for a student, it will be necessary to repeat these steps for each quiz in your course.