Extending Quiz Times in Moodle

Assignments have specific instructions on how to provide an extension for students. Quizzes can also accommodate extended times, due dates, number of attempts, and unique passwords for students who need it.

NOTE: Moodle uses the terminology Quiz to describe all types of exams.

  1. Log in to Moodle and navigate to the desired course.
  2. Enter the Quiz
  3. Open the Actions Menu (gear icon) in the top right of the page and select the Add User Override option.
  4. Click the User Override button.
  5. Use the form on the next page to enter your override settings:
    1. Use the search feature (via name, email, or username) to find and select the student.
    2. Enter a password for the student. This is not required.
    3. Verify that the quiz open/close time will not limit the extended time.
    4. Set the time limit to represent the extended time allotted to the student (as outlined on the letter of accommodation).
  6. Click on the Save button. If you would like to enter another override select the Save and enter another override button… doing so will save your work and reload the page.
  7. Successful overrides will now be listed on the User Overrides page (see Step 3).
    1. Use the edit, copy, or delete symbols to interact with active overrides.

NOTE: Attempts Allowed – If a student has already attempted the quiz and you are allowing them to attempt the quiz again with their extended time, it will be necessary for you to increase the number of attempts allowed by at least one greater than the number of quizzes attempted.

Will you have to do this for every quiz in Moodle? Yes, once the student has delivered a letter of accommodation for your course, it is necessary to repeat these steps for each quiz.