Using a Question Bank

The question bank allows teachers to create, preview and edit questions in a course rather than an individual quiz. These questions can be used in a Quiz (or select questions can be used in a Lesson) activity. Questions can be organized in categories and subcategories.

Follow these directions to access and work with your question bank.

Scroll to the top of the main course page.

From the secondary navigation, click the More menu.

Select the Question Bank option.

From the Select a category drop-down menu, select the category in which you want to view the questions.

Click on the Create a new question … button to add a question to your question bank.

Click on the Edit menu under the Actions column, select Edit question option to modify the question.

NOTE: You can also use this menu to Duplicate, Preview, or Delete the question.

Use the check boxes to the left to select multiple questions.

Scroll down to the bottom, click the With selected drop-down menu.

Select either the Move to… or Delete option to perform the action on the selected items.