Creating Questions in a Question Bank

The Question Bank is the pool of questions that you can use in Quiz (or Lesson) activities in your course. Moodle has a variety of question types that you can add to your Question Bank. You can then set up quizzes to use random questions or specific questions from your question bank.

NOTE: You can add questions to quizzes directly, but it is not recommended as you will only have access to those questions in that specific quiz.

Scroll to the top of the main course page.

From the secondary navigation, click the More menu.

Select the Question Bank option.

From the Select a category drop-down menu, select the category you wish to add questions to.

NOTE: If you don’t see the category you wish to use you will need to create the category in your question bank.

Click the Create a new question… button.

From the Choose a question type to add window, select the radio button for the type of question you want.

NOTE: If you aren’t sure which question type you need, please read the provided description or review this document that outlines the questions types available in Moodle before you select it.

Click the Add button.

Fill out the form for the question type you have selected.

Scroll to the bottom and click the Save changes button.

Repeat till you have added all the questions for that category.

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