Question Bank: Create a Question Bank Category

A Question Bank category creates a separate pool for your quiz questions so they can be pulled from by chapter or topic and are easier to find and identify with the minimal context provided by viewing questions outside of a quiz (you can only see the question type and a little of the question name and question text.)

Scroll to the top of the main course page (if you haven’t already).

From the Secondary navigation click the More menu.

Select the Question Bank item.

Under the Course Administration tab you’ll find the Question Bank section.

Select the Categories option.

Within the Tertiary navigation click the Add category button.

Give the category a Name (such as a chapter number or topic name)


  • Set a Parent Category (such as the name/edition of a book.)
  • Provide some extra information for Category Info to make this category useful (such as topics covered, outcomes, date entered, edition information or anything else you think is relevant)

Located below the form, click the Add category button.

Your category now exists and can be populated with questions manually and/or have them imported in.

OPTIONAL: Once the Category is created you can edit the category settings by clicking on the Category Name OR the edit button.

OPTIONAL: To view questions within a category click the number of questions the category contains listed after the category name.

EXAMPLE: If it’s empty it would show “Category Name (0). Click on that (0)