Question Bank: Export Questions from Moodle

Enter the course in question

Expand the Actions Menu (Gear icon) from the top-right corner of the page.

Select the More… option from the very bottom of the menu.

Under the Course Administration tab you’ll find the Question Bank section.

Select the Export option.

From within the File format section select the option you wish to export a category into.

Not sure which format to export to?

  • IF YOU EXPORTING THIS TO ANOTHER MOODLE COURSE: Select Moodle XML format– it will preserve the most formatting and options.
  • IF YOU ARE EXPORTING FOR ANOTHER LMS: check with the admins or support for the LMS and let them know what options you have (Gift format, Moodle XML format and/or XHTML format) and see what they recommend.

Select the category of questions you want to export the data of from the Export category drop-down menu.

Click the Export questions to file button.

The file should download and you can import it into the question bank of your LMS of choice or another Moodle course’s question bank.