Import Questions into Question Bank

Before importing questions into Moodle, we strongly suggest you create a Category in the question bank for each chapter or topic so later you can easily find and select questions.

Scroll to the top of the main course page.

From the secondary navigation, click the More menu.

Select the Question bank option.

From the drop-down menu, select the Import option.

Select the appropriate File Format:

  • If you have a Moodle .XML file, select Moodle XML format.
  • If you have a Microsoft Word file, you must first prepare your questions with the Aiken format then select Aiken format.
  • If you have a question bank or pool provided by a publisher, contact the publisher for the correct file format; the most common acceptable format is Blackboard. 

Expand the General Section.

From the Import Category drop-down menu, select the category where you want to add these questions.

Click the Choose a file… button and locate the file you want to upload.


Drag and drop your file into the dashed box.

Once the file has been uploaded, click the Import button.

It may take some time for Moodle to process the file.

Preview your results.

If you get 2 green messages, your import is complete. Scroll to the bottom and click the Continue button to view your questions.

NOTE: If you get a red alert or something that mentions an error, most likely there is an issue with the file. Submit a support ticket with your import file attached and OLET can help you troubleshoot the issue.

Anytime you import content, you should preview and test it.

Follow these steps to test each question:

  1. Click on the Edit menu and select the Preview option.
  2. Verify there are no typos in the question or answer choices.
  3. Click the Fill in correct responses button to verify that each correct answer is marked.
  4. Click the Close preview button.